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CAI Gallery 

For CAI Gallery we designed a brand identity that is a testament to cleanliness and simplicity. We've meticulously crafted a look that stands the test of time while remaining refreshingly straightforward.
Our approach extends beyond aesthetics; it's a philosophy that embodies the essence of art itself. With clean lines and a timeless palette, we ensure that the brand resonates across generations, mirroring the enduring nature of artistic expression.
We designed a flexible template for posters and flyers, ensuring a consistent format for each exhibition. This consistency isn't just about appearances; it's a commitment to delivering an experience that's coherent and adaptable, just like our brand identity.
Our collaboration with Cai Gallery extends beyond boundaries. Alongside our brand identity work, we also took on the layout design for "Apologia," a collectible art Book. This limited edition print of 500 numbered copies functions as a written statement and apologia for Contemporary Art Issue, discussing its main selected field of research: figurative painting today.

Logo desgin
Brand identity
Book design

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