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While we now never simply offer just a logo, we proudly present these creations. Today our approach involves crafting comprehensive visual identities based on concrete brand strategies.

Logo design

Logo and submark for Coupette a hairdresser. Logo for secuur. "Secuur" is a project designed and executed by Sander Vercruysse, creating wooden furniture with a focus on sustainability. He focuses on Cradle to Cradle and aims to close the loop, so that his objects can last forever and aren't part of the fast-paced society's disposable culture.Logo for Krtls. The design is inspired by a dictionary. Just like a dictionary provides you with guidance, a lawyer offers you advice. The branding conveys trust and calmness, highlighting Krtls' identity.Logo for Blanco, a professional painter. The abstract, bold strokes within the design resemble painter's brushstrokes. While this logo wasn't ultimately selected, we truly appreciate the refined and minimalistic approach that it embodies. 

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