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At Studio Hoedt, we had the privilege of working with the talented food stylist and photographer, Mmmelanie. The heart of Melanie's culinary artistry is captured in the very "mmm" that starts her name – an expression of delight and craving. Her creations leave you wanting more, and that essence is at the core of her brand.
Look closely at our work, and you'll find a touch of Melanie in every detail. Can you spot her signature smile and fork in the submark? We're thrilled to present a fresh and contemporary branding that captures Melanie's journey. We crafted a primary logo, secondary logo, and submark. This ensures that Melanie's brand shines distinctly across various platforms, evoking the right look and feel for every occasion.
With a custom-made and uniquely designed logo, complemented by carefully chosen typography and a vibrant color palette, Studio Hoedt guarantees that this branding is not just for today, but a strategy for Melanie's growth in the years ahead.

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